Senate District 26

What separates Barbi from other candidates?


Barbi is dedicated to bringing jobs back to California with a more robust Film/Television tax credit program. California has a highly skilled work force and superior infrastructure compared to other states. However, states like New York and Louisiana are providing more competitive production tax incentives. By implementing a more robust Film/TV tax credit program, it will increase production and post-production industry presence and have an overall positive impact on the State’s economy.  Please see her articles on Huffington Post to see her detailed proposal for stopping runaway production.

Additionally, as a two-time cancer survivor, Barbi is dedicated to health care reform and has the personal experience to understand the loopholes in our current system. She hopes to provide a more effective and efficient health care system for the community.

Barbi also has the professional experience to minimize gridlock in Sacramento, having worked across party lines to address issues like financial aid and microcredit programs in underserved communities.

Most importantly, Barbi is also a first time candidate. She is not a career politician which gives her an advantage to bring a fresh perspective to Sacramento.

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